Finding your happy place

What a roller coaster ride it’s been over the last three months. For over thirty years I've worked for somebody. The government, a Board, Councillors, a CEO, a committee, the list goes on. I've tried to find a space in that work to do good, to include and not exclude, to advocate for children. But I've come to a realisation. And it's minionesque! Yes, that's right, I've been a minion. Protocols, procedures, rules of both the spoken but mostly the unspoken variety, have rendered me either mute or in hand wringing analysis over the implications of my opinion being heard. So I've been a minion with an opinion, but one that's not often been voiced to be honest. Although I've had countless conversations in the car with myself reenacting what I should have said in various forums, my opinions have largely remained between me, myself and the car. Since taking this leap into working for myself, I've found the past thirty years of grappling with organisational culture versus a burning desire to put children first has taken it's toll. I feel like a contestant on X Factor, with Guy Sebastian perched on my shoulder urging me to name what kind of artist I want to be (except the question is what kind of consultant!). But here is where I'm coming to my happy place, because each day the answer to that question becomes clearer. Yes it may have taken me thirty years to get there, and I'm certainly not there all the time, but I find myself visiting more and more often. Because Guy, what I want is to be a consultant that supports educators, that builds their confidence, who becomes their cheerleader and makes them believe they can change the world. Because it's these educators that will become advocates and cheerleaders for children and families. Idealistic.... maybe. But if I can be idealistic on the other side of 50 (only just!) and after thirty years of navigating the rocky terrains of my career so far, then I reckon it could be a disposition I'm stuck with. Because after all this time, I still want what's right, fair and just for children and families. So please hop off my shoulder for a little while Guy Sebastian, you've clearly been working out and you're really very heavy!

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